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The One when I knew what happened to Micaela in “Zambombas” of Jerez

I was from Cádiz in a previous life. I love Málaga and I don’t change it at all. But the connection I have with this place is special.

Fortunately, I have good friends there and I can enjoy it many times a year. Besides, going with them means going to the right places and know more about the place and the culture. It was quite long that I wanted to go to “Zambombas” in Jerez, but it wasn’t possible until this year. So it was the time!

Christmas decoration with Jerez Cathedral at the back.

And you could be thinking: “why do yo go to zambombas, if you don’t care about Christmas?”. Well, I’ll tell you more: I don’t love flamenco either. But as my good friend Nabila says, I’m on even for a doll’s baptism, and where there is party, I’ll be there.


To whom you don’t know yet what a zambomba is, I’ll tell you that it is a tradition from Jerez in Christmas. Originally (XVIII century), they were parties that took place in patios, where apart from dancing and singing, they shared food and drinks (Wikipedia).

Nowadays it has changed a little bit, because it is a celebration that has expanded to squares, streets, bars, brotherhoods… of all the city. In 2015 was declared Heritage of Cultural Interest, and it really is! As you can imagine, people dance and sing Christmas Carols, some of them very popular and known by everybody, but many of them are native, you won’t listen to them in any other place.

Zambomba in a square in Jerez.

But it is even better. What a surprise when we arrived to a square, where there was a brotherhood singing, and I started to listen to the lyrics. “He kissed in the ankle, a kiss in the ankle he gave her”, “and the priest was arrested”… Am I listening properly? And then I listened “He kissed her in her “private parts”, in her private parts he kissed her”. Well, yes, I’ve listened properly.

Later I listened that something happened to Micaela, because the poor woman was constantly going to the doctor. What happened to her was that she went to the doctor just for him to touch her, if you know what I mean… As I told you before, there are native Christmas Carols, some of them with spicy content. Here you are a link to an article where it is explained, I recommend you to watch it because it is very interesting and I didn’t know anything about it.


There is almost one in every corner of the city and all the day long, so don’t stress, you will see any for sure. I advise you to go at lunch time -Spanish lunch time- so as to enjoy more than one, until you drop!

Christmas decoration in Jerez.

You can check this guide to have a general idea or you can also make your own tour. Later you can improvise and find some of them in your way to another place, as it happened to us. By the way, it was the one that we liked the most since it was not a music group, so everything was more natural and improvised.


Now I’ll tell you about the restaurants in which we ate this time, as I previously told you, they were all a good choice.


Japanese restaurant Kampai Sushi Jerez.

This japanese restaurant is located next to Hipercor, but it is worth it trying. We ordered gyozas, two pieces of Magura sushi (tunna) and Kampai Maki Moriwase (12 pieces of varied uramaki/futomaki). Prices are very reasonable compared to other similar japanese restaurants, and we loved it, so it is likely that we repeat in the future.

La Ventana

Restaurant La Ventana Jerez.

It is also in Hipercor area, this restaurant has typical food, perfect for having some tapas. We ordered little bags of prawns, tunna and fried eggs with potatoes. Very good price.


Rigodón Restaurant in Jerez de la Frontera.

We already tried this when we came for the Jerez Fair. The menu is basically cuisine from all over the world, and we loved it. Since we were there I have been dreaming about the “Focaccia Vitello Tonato”, but this time we tried the one with meatballs that was algo very tasty and a moussaka. Highly recommendable.

Mesón La Tasca

Mesón La Tasca Jerez.

This bar is more central, but not in the historic center. As La Ventana, the cuisine is traditional. Here you can have some tapas or have a seat to eat. We stayed at the bar and had some tapas. We ordered ensaladilla de la casa; pistachio, spinach and prawn croquettes; and fried fish. A very good choice!

Iluminación de Navidad en Jerez.

As you can see, my friend Luisa was an excellent host and she took me to the best places of her city (as always, by the way)… And that’s all (wink, wink, my friend) what we did that weekend!

So if you don’t know Jerez yet, you are late, but above all, you can’t die without going to a zambomba and the Feria del Caballo (Horse Fair) in May.

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