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The One when I loved Christmas in Copenhagen (I)

Any Christmas fan here? Ok. Because I’m not. To me Christmas is ok because you meet your friends and family, but that’s all. I try to skip all the Christmas decoration and illumination (just not to tidy up later), and I put some figures just not to seem the Grinch. If I walk by the illumination in a city and I see it, perfect, but I’m not going to see it on purpose.

Once it is said, if I tell you that the 80% of the pictures of this trip are about Christmas markets, illuminations, decorations… you can guess how spectacular is Copenhaguen in that time of the year, it is amazing!

Christmas in Copenhague.

But let’s start by the beginning. In December 2017 my addiction to traveling started to consolidate, and I couldn’t imagine a few days off just to stay at home. By coincidence I met the person who is nowadays my adventure mate Manuela, my physio – and since then, therapist. 😛 She told me that she wanted to join the trip, so there we went to Copenhaguen!



When I travel the first thing I try to do is a free tour that place me in the city, with its tradition and history. We did it with Sandemans, and our guide was Esther, a very nice girl that helped us with all our doubts. Furthermore, we did the gastronomic tour and Pub Crawl.

The gastronomic tour consisted on a craft beer tasting (a trend in Denmark), and different typical danish dishes, in three different restaurants of the city. It wasn’t bad, because it was not too expensive and we ate good food, but I wouldn’t probably repeat. We spend almost the whole day on that and I don’t consider it essential in that trip.

Craft beer tasting

In the Pub Crawl we had so much fun. We met a lot of people (most of them Spanish) and we met another part of Copenhague. Basically it is about going to some pubs, where they offer discounts, shots or 2×1 on drinks. As I’ve already said, we enjoyed it a lot, and in fact, we have repeated in other cities.

Monuments and places of interest

You probably think first about the mermaid (den lille havfrue) when it comes to thinking about Copenhaguen. Yes, it is smaller than you think. And yes, you will probably have to wait a queue to take a picture with her. It has a great merit being there since 1.909 feeling freezing cold. You should go and see her.

The mermaid.

Next to it you can find Østre Anlæg Park, a very nice park to have a walk. As it was still autum when we went, there were a lot of fallen leaves, a great spectacle.

Østre Anlæg Park

Another great place to relax and have a walk is the Botanic Garden. Here you can visit a building full of tropical species. Apart from being a beautiful building, it is shocking the thermal and humidity difference when you enter.

Botanic Garden

Other important buildings and places of the city

  • Marble Church.
Marble Church
  • Opera, I’ll tell you something curious about it later.
  • Amalienborg Palace, royal residence.
  • Nyhavn, canal and port where the famous colored house are.
  • City Hall.
City Hall.
  • Christianborg Palace, current danish Parliament. You can visit the main tower, where you will have a panoramic view of Copenhaguen. It is free.
Views from the tower of Christianborg Palace.
  • Church of Our Saviour. From the tower of this church you can also enjoy a panoramic view, it is said the best of Copenhagen. We couldn’t go because we didn’t have time. You have to pay 35-40 DKK (about 5€), but we were told it was worth it.
  • Hotel D’Angleterre. As an interesting fact, I’ll tell you that it was the headquarter of the nazi occupation.

And of course, Tivoli, but I’ll tell you about it in the Christmas section.

Tivoli at Christmas.


This famous district almost self-governed in the heart of Copenhagen contrasts with the rest of the city. Copenhagen is so nordic, so clean, so organised, so perfect. So perfect that it has a district as Christiania to break with all this. I’m not saying that it is dirty, nor insecure at all. It it just the opposite to what you expect in a nordic city,

Art gallery in Christiania.

Here it is allowed selling and buying soft drugs. There is a main street in which all the sellers have a place to sell their goods. Among this places, smell and laughs, you discover the most picturesque district of Copenhagen. Art galleries, coffee shops, foodtrucks…

Its flag, three yellow circles on a red background is everywhere. Even in places that we couldn’t imagine. Do you remember that “something” curious about the Opera? It seems that there was controversy about it, because of the financing as well as the design itself. So it is said that the architects decided to take revenge bringing the flag of Christiania to the very same lobby, so as everyone could see it from the outside, specially at night. The flag of the most hippie and alternative district, in their own place. What nerve they have!

The flag of Christiania.
Opera of Copenhagen. Judge by yourself. Picture by


It is imposible walking around Copenhagen in Christmas time and don’t find any of the multiple markets that are all around the city. Typical Christmas food and beverage, gifts, decoration… It is the perfect place to take a rest, drink something warm and recharge batteries.

Christmas decoration.

Just walking by Strøget, the main street of the city, you can find several of them. For instance, Nytorv Market or the one in Højbro Plads. You can also visit the Nyhavn Market near the canal with the same name, or Kongens Nytorv, just in front of Hotel d’Angleterre.

Nytorv Christmas Market.

But my favorite without any doubt is the one in the amusement park Tivoli (the original one in which is based the one in my town, Benalmádena), in the heart of the city. It is small, but very charming and well maintained (comparisons are hateful). The thing is that the park transforms into a Christmas Market itself.

Christmas illuminaton and decoration everywhere, foodtrucks, Christmas presents… and Santa Claus for the kids! We didn’t try any ride, but it is worth it just going for a walk and enjoying the Christmas environment.

Santa Claus in Tivoli.

And this is it the summary of what to see in Copenhagen, in the second part I’ll tell you places to eat, shops that I liked, some things to take into account… and a bonus track: Malmö! I think I forgot some places that we didn’t visited because of the lack of time, have you been to any that I didn’t mention? Comment this post and tell me!

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