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The One with the real reason to create this blog

“Let’s go! (“¡Vamos que nos vamos!”)”, said my boss at the office to go to have lunch, and everybody stopped working and stood up. That’s why I knew that it was going to be the name of the blog, because although I love traveling, I must confess that the best part for me is when I decide the destination and the company, when I give up thinking about the routine, start preparing the trip and think about the place.

I personally don’t follow any blog (neither a travel one nor any other type), but I do look for concrete data when I’m preparing my trip, so I decided to create this blog just in case my experience can help other travelers to organize theirs. Also because this way my mother can see where I’ve been and what I’ve done, as I know that although she is apparently happy, suffers since I catch flights and I go to places where I share room with 10 more people, and that kind of things that makes her feel worried. Keep calm, mummy. From now on you will know EVERYTHING.

To sum up and don’t make this more boring, I tell you that my name is Sara, I’m from Málaga (Spain), and I like a suitcase more than chocolate, which is the second thing I like the most in the world. I’m publicist and apart from the previous things I like languages (I know something about English and German), a table with friends or family, sports, music, technology… Now that I’m thinking about it, there is nothing that I don’t like. Well, yes. Cooking. I’m sorry, it is not my thing and I’m not going to fight against it anymore*.

Now that you know the basic things about me, we can start. It would be a great honor for me that you would be by my side in this new adventure, comment, ask, criticize (not much :P)… To sum up, the main goal is that we could enrich our experiences and make the most out of our trips. So…

Let’s go! (Vamos que nos vamos!)

*A note: I really do like eating. You can count on me for that.  🙂

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