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The One with the Three Wise Women in Israel: Tel-Aviv

It is almost incredible that only 40 minutes away from Jerusalem, there is a city like Tel-Aviv. Jerusalem is so religious, so contained, so full of history, so quiet. Tel-Aviv is just the opposite. A modern city, full of life, young people, its promenade with people doing sports, with a funny nightlife… And the most surprising thing: gay-friendly against all that religious fervor.


Surf in Tel-Aviv.

Temperature in Tel-Aviv is softer than in Jerusalem. Despite of having been there in January, by the day we didn’t need to wear the coat. A very recommendable option is walking along the promenade. You will find a lot of people doing sports, surf schools (and people practicing it), green areas to rest or directly in the promenade to watch the sea.


Jaffa Port.

This city (today annexed to Tel-Aviv), has the oldest port in the world. It is 3.000 years old and it is also the traditional entrance to Holy Land. It is associated as well with biblical and mythological stories. We went by the promenade direction Jaffa in the evening and watching the sunset from behind was spectacular (you already know it, I’m a sunset lover).

SHUK HA’CARMEL (Carmel Market)

In HaCarmel St, we found this market that takes up the whole street. Food, souvenirs, clothes, typical sweets… You can’t miss it.


Illustration exhibition in Kuli Alma.

As I have told you, Tel-Aviv is a city full of life, both at day and night. There are lots of bars, restaurants, pubs and discos in which eat something or hae a drink. In “Kuli Alma” there was an exhibition of illustrations and in “Jimmy Who?” the music and environment were really cool.


Although gay marriage isn’t still allowed, it is the most open city of Middle East in this sense. While in nearby countries homosexuality is a crime, in Tel-Aviv you can express it and show it in public, and you won’t have any problem. An open city always have a positive point for me, although I hope that they keep on progressing, so that equality would be total very soon.


Art gallery in Tel-Aviv.

It also surprised me the large amount of contemporary art galleries that there were in the city. I’m not an expert, but I usually like this type of arte and I always try to visit all the museums I can. So I was pleasant surprised knowing that here art is valued.

And that was our trip to Israel, to sum up. I was surprised by the contrasts of tradition and modernity, the religious fervour (mainly the christians), the culture shock in some places, specially in the clothing. But what surprised me more above all, was the tolerance among religions and cultures.

I don’t deny that in other places of Israel this peace is not real, in the first post I took a stance related to this. But as a tourist in this two cities, there is no insecurity feeling, at least we didn’t have it.

It was an unexpected trip, almost improvised, and despite of being in conflict with myself even nowadays as I told you in my first post about Israel, it was an unforgettable experience. Every trip I do gives me something different, but the ones I do with my favourite (physio)therapist are special. Furthermore, also came Nuria, who is really charming and it was a pleasure knowing her.

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